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Fill the gap between Self-Sovereign Identity and eIDAS compliance


DIZME is the first Digital Identity platform based on Blockchain technology and eIDAS compliant.

It combines the benefits of a distributed digital identity with full legal validity and Qualified Trust Service in accordance with eIDAS Regulation.

DIZME offers significant future opportunities for participants in its new Trust Community, including, first and foremost, leaders in the fields of finance, telco, utilities, and retail.


The Digital Identity Issue

The topic of digital identities has a high level of attention in the world of the Internet. Proving your online identity with digital credentials is not yet completely possible. The heart of the problem is that we have no standard way to verify digital credentials.

But today something is changing:

  • the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is standardizing a format describing digitally signed credentials for digital identities;

  • the Blockchain’s technology hugely simplifies creation of decentralized services for registration and discovery of public keys required to verify digital signatures.

These two elements lead the way in realizing a global public utility for management of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) – identities controlled by legitimate owner, without a deadline independent from a central authority and that cannot be revoked.


Sovrin Network has been designed with that vision in mind: to realize a self-sovereign ecosystem publicly governed (Sovrin Foundation), scalable (validator and observer nodes) and universally accessible (lowest costs and highest reliability).



InfoCert has decided to play an active role in sharing the self-sovereign vision by adhering to the Sovrin’s Founding Steward program and designing DIZME with the target of making the SSI world interoperable in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.


What is It and how It Works?

DIZME is the Domain Specific Network based on Sovrin framework, regulated by InfoCert and technologically implemented by eTuitus, a spinoff of the University of Salerno, funded by InfoCert.

DIZME’s mission is to offer to members of its Trust Community benefits and interoperability of the SSI world as well as TRUST services defined by eIDAS regulation.

This has been made possible by the commitment of InfoCert in its role of:

  • Founding Steward of Sovrin Network and Governance Authority of DIZME;

  • Qualified Trust Service Provider as defined by eIDAS.

Who are the actors and how they interact?



An Entity that issues a Credential to a Holder.

New partners can ask to enter the Trust Community of DIZME in the role of issuer contributing with their credentials set at the network growth.



An internet user with a mobile device.

Anyone can benefits from Trust Community DIZME services simply by downloading DIZME Wallet and completing a personal profile.



An Entity who requests a Credential or Proof from a Holder and verifies it.

The Trust Community of DIZME is open for all third parts that desire to use the DIZME Credentials in their own digital transformation process.

The schemes and the credentials defined in DIZME aren’t limited by specific data type or implementation modality and they aren’t imposed by a central hub.

Every Issuer can create Context Specific Credential and every Verifier can login and verify them instantly without a need to develop complex integration logics or to sign a commercial contract.

Proof Request


Each Verifier can view the schemes of Credential available in DIZME and setup the personal requests of identity or context-specific verify (Proof Request).

Sign Request

digital signature

In function of the Identity Credential presented by the Owner, the Verifier can issue a SignRequest to obtain the digital signature (both Advanced and Qualified) of the Owner for the confirm of a transaction.


The Identity Credential managed by DIZME are classified by three Identity Level of Assurance.



Auto declared identity Credentials with a low trust rate.



Identity Credentials with a medium trust rate, obtained by automatic technical verifies on an identity document.



Identity Credentials with a high trust rate, obtained by automatic technical verifies on two identity documents and face detection by an Issuer’s operator.

Technological Stack

The DIZME technological stack is composed by Edge Services and Cloud Services.



DIZME Wallet

Allows to store in a secure way as well as manage credentials and all cryptographic equipment required to operate in DIZME’s SSI modality.


Mobile SDK

Allows the APP custom realized by Issuer and Verifier to interact with the credentials conserved in the DIZME Wallet and to call upon the Owner Cloud Services.


Rest API

Enables Issuer and Owner to integrate DIZME with their own business layer.


Partner Portal

Point of access for Issuer and Verifier at the configuration of their own profiles on the DIZME network.



Owner services

Manages the interaction between Owner and Wallet.


Issuer services

Manages the interaction between the Issuer and the Decentralized Application stack.


Verifier services

Manages the interaction between the Verifier and the stack eIDAS and Decentralized Application.

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